Tiles are one of the most durable floor finishes out and with so many different styles, colours, textures and sizes you can create a stylish look to envy. Our experienced staff can help you simplify the selection process by working with any ideas or visions you have for your space.

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Some Information

There are technical terms for tiles we like to use and we have included a brief description to help explain what they mean:


Glazed tiles: these are tiles with an opaque or transparent coating that has been fused to the tile body (base) by firing.

Un-Glazed tiles: these are tiles that may be left untreated after firing and they get their colour from their raw materials or oxide.

Glazed Porcelain tiles: these are the tiles that make up the majority of tiles sold currently. It is a combination of a dense porcelain body topped with a hard wearing glaze.

Unglazed/Natural Porcelain tiles: this is a through colour pressed product. The body and structure of a porcelain tile are usually very dense, making them a great durable product. The finished can vary from textured to a smooth honed finish.

Polished Porcelain tiles: these tiles are made of a natural porcelain tile that has been mechanically polished to produce a high gloss finish. In some instances this polishing process opens the micro pores on the surface, in these cases we would advise a sealer that can be applied to reduce the risk of stains penetrating the product.

Nano sealing/Factory sealed/maintenance free: this is a term generally used when describing porcelain tiles. At some points during the manufacturing process there can be a sealer or organic particles (like that of a wax) added. Some porcelain tiles are made with a very low absorption rate and so may not require a sealant.

Lapato: this describes a finish of a tile also called a semi polish. These products have a generally smooth matt texture base with some parts having a sheen or polish over the top.

Rectified/Non Rectified: This term refers to the edges of a tile. Non Rectified or cushion edges are the most common, they have an edge that curves down slightly and are easier to lay. Rectified tiles have a flat edge that has a sharp finish, these tiles give a streamline look and a smaller looking grout joint but are more complicated to lay.

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